Bad Omega-3

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By now you’ve heard how important omega-3 is for your heart, arteries, brain function, joints and so much more. You’ll find countless omega-3 products sold online now, because everyone wants omega-3, but all omega-3 products sold online and inside stores are not healthy omega 3 at all! And when you swallow unhealthy omega-3, you actually end up accomplishing the exact opposite of what you expect omega-3 to do for your body – you instead damage your body and increase your risk of heart disease, stroke and Alzheimer’s!

How Do I Know Which Omega-3 Is Bad?

That’s a great question! First, you must understand what is healthy omega-3, then you’ll know exactly what is unhealthy omega-3. Healthy omega-3 can be found inside many foods, of course including fish, but all fish nowadays have too much mercury and other toxins, so any benefits from omega-3 become toxic to your body and therefore a danger, not a benefit. You see, when you contaminate the food, any food, where the omega-3 is found, the omega-3 becomes toxic, so extracting it to be put into a capsule is not only futile, because the omega-3 is toxic, but now you are supposed to swallow the toxic omega-3 oil that was chemically extracted most likely by hexane (a very toxic oil refining byproduct), and that’s supposed to give you any benefit? I don’t want to be the one who tells you the truth, because I don’t like not being liked, but I can’t let that stop me from telling you the reality of omega-3 or any oil for that matter.

Something else you should know is that all oils sold in stores have all been cooked! And when you cook an oil, it almost immediately becomes carcinogenic. Why are all oils cooked? Because if the oil is healthy, that oil will spoil within days, if not hours. In other words, to extend shelf-life! That’s why the healthiest source of omega-3 nowadays is from only raw, 100% pesticide-free and 100% GMO-Free plants.

What Is One Example Of A Healthy Plant With Omega-3?

omega-3 broccoli

You were expecting a different plant maybe? Of course broccoli is not the only plant with omega-3; there are many nuts, too. And you don’t need that much, either, seriously, you don’t. Even just 0.02 grams of real omega-3 is enough to receive so many benefits throughout your whole body, because all the other supporting nutrients are there, too, but if you want more, then just eat more. But not just any broccoli, either! The healthiest broccoli with the most dense omega-3 you will never find anywhere else is right here for you and whole family.



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Help Someone Live Pain-Free!