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What Causes Chronic Lower Back Pain?

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At least 3 million more people suffer from chronic lower back pain each year, and there doesn’t seem to be any slowing! More and more children are suffering from lower back pain, too, which means this must be an epidemic, like many other diseases are already.

But Don’t Run To Your Surgeon Yet!

9 out of 10 cases of chronic lower back pain are not due to slips, falls or any kind of sports injuries. Are you ready for the truth? It’s your colon! Now I know what you’re thinking..but what does my colon have to do with my lower back? And if it is indeed my colon, how do you explain the sciatica pain and ruptured and herniated discs I have? Well, let me start with the first question.

What Does My Colon Have To Do With My Lower Back?

99.9% of everyone on the planet right now who has a colon, has a colon that has some inflammation to serious inflammation, especially those with crohn’s, IBS or chronic constipation, because too many people just eat too unhealthy and this damages your colon over time and only gets worse as you age. All this inflammation will of course cause serious swelling and push against your lower back, because that’s where it is!

If It Is Indeed My Colon, How Do You Explain The Sciatica Nerve Pain, Ruptured And Herniated Discs I Have?

After the inflammation in your colon had been increasing over time, so has the amount of pushing your swollen colon does up against your lower back, which of course means your sciatica nerve, discs, even your vertebrae all get squeezed together, which causes all sorts of injuries and ruptures over time. Would you cut out your sinuses just because it’s always full of mucus or would you find the cause of your constant mucus and reverse it, so you never have a stuffy nose again? Well, you should apply this logic to your lower back, too.

Your surgeon will never tell you this, because he makes money from surgery, so instead you are told you must cut out those damaged parts in your lower back to stop the pain, but that does nothing to stop the inflammation in your colon and now you have more injury to deal with that will probably require pain-pills and antibiotics for infection, which definitely aren’t good, either. But don’t force your surgeon to admit your colon does in fact look swollen in the x-rays or he/she might suggest you remove your lower intestines or a section of it!!

Instead, you should start your most important colon cleanse right now! Give your colon just a few weeks and you will already start feeling less lower back pain, if not sooner! Already thousands have avoided surgery and are living longer and stronger, too.



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