Chemo Spreads Cancer Faster

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We live during the chemo era. It is the worst time to be sick actually, because never before now has mankind had to live in so much medical pollution every day of our lives. One example of this medical pollution is chemo. What is chemo? “Chemo” describes ‘treating’ cancer with cancer drugs and these drugs are extremely toxic and very poisonous.

What Does Chemo Do To Your Body?

You already know chemo is very unhealthy, but just how unhealthy you probably wonder? Imagine mixing rat poison and mercury in bleach, throwing in some pesticides just for flavor and then receiving it intravenously – this still wouldn’t be as dangerous, toxic and poisonous as chemo. Side-effects include or rather the effects include: fatigue (physical, mental and emotional), headaches, muscle pain, stomach pain, nerve damage, mouth and throat sores, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, constipation, blood disorders, anemia, infection, thrombocytopenia, tingling, burning, numbness of hands, feet or both, weak sore achy muscles, loss of balance, shaking or trembling, stiff neck, problems seeing, hearing or walking normally, memory problems, poor focus, infertility and other reproductive issues, loss of appetite, severe malnutrition, loss of muscle mass, hair loss, peeling skin, wet sores, dermatitis, permanent damage to the heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, fat disorders and on and on…

Yes, Chemo Is That Dangerous!

Is it really any wonder why most people die within 5 years after receiving chemo? When someone in a white coat whom you trust your life to, tells you to start chemo, most won’t question it, let alone say no. But if that same white coat whom you trust, clearly told you exactly what ingredients are in the chemo and just how toxic it is to you, for example let’s say he told you the ingredients in chemo include: rat poison, mercury, bleach and pesticides..would you think twice then? Do you think you’d actually stop and say “WAIT A SECOND!”?

They know chemo will shorten your life and will kill you much faster than the cancer itself ever will, but they still will not say anything to prevent you from starting chemo, in fact they push it on you like a car salesman pushes a used car, but under the threat of death. When you receive chemo, your immune system instantly starts attacking the chemo, because well, the chemo is poison and that’s what your immune system does, but the poison is much stronger than your immune system could ever be, so your immune system starts weakening immediately and then organ failure begins.

But Don’t Many Go Into Remission?

Yes, many have gone into remission, but most of them still die from more cancer treatments later, but only after they suffer through all the chemo and radiation all over again. Like I always say, just because you survived all the ‘cancer treatments’ despite being poisoned, doesn’t mean the poison works! Again, if you drank rat poison, mercury, bleach and then mixed in some pesticides for flavor, and survived, would you then go around telling people that it works? They would look at you like you have lost your marbles, yet when you use the word “chemo”, suddenly they respond with “congratulations” or “that’s wonderful!” Please do not let them fool you into believing chemo, radiation or any other drug ‘treatment’ could ever even extend your life, because poison cannot do that, but poison absolutely can and does shorten your life!

After 2 Rounds Of Chemo She Finally Said “No More!”

Carol fell into a 3 day coma after her second round of chemo was just completed. Her family was already preparing for the worst and her Oncologist gave her just a week to live. That night her husband was searching online for a good chemo cleanse, but all were just more pills – he wanted a real holistic chemo cleanse, but couldn’t find it anywhere online after searching for hours that night. The next day he was talking to his Aunt who had already been taking The World’s Only Pesticide Cleanse for about a month already and told him she hadn’t felt this healthy in a long time. Once his wife was sent home to live out the rest of her week, and I guess just wait for her to die, The World’s Only Pesticide Cleanse was waiting for her and he mixed it for her breakfast every morning, every day! That was her breakfast.

Update: It’s Been 3 Months Now And Carol Is Not Only Still Here, But She Jogs Every Morning! And She Is Now A Serious Advocate For Holistic Healing.


Please think before you agree to any treatment, because you will find the more you understand how your body works, the more you will see how ‘treatments’ always kill you faster than the disease itself! And I am certain there are family and friends who want you around as long as possible, including myself.

Remember, if you’re not cleansing, you’re accumulating. 



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