dangerous baby carrots

Dangerous Baby Carrots

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Ever since the 1990s, baby carrots have grown in popularity, and why wouldn’t they? They’re small, convenient and just plain cute!

Too Bad They’re Not Healthy!

Americans eat over 10 million pounds of carrots every year, but the majority of them are raised with pesticides, herbicides, GMOs and also soaked in chlorine. In other words, dangerous baby carrots are sold everywhere, hoping unsuspecting families grab some.

Chlorine as you know is the same chemical used in pools, spas, man-made lakes and of course our public drinking water. Most people do not know chlorine is classified as a “choking agent” and according to the last study from Belgium, children who spent more than 1,000 hours swimming in chlorinated pools had more than 8x the risk of developing asthma, compared to kids who swam in pools treated with sea salt instead.

Now, this study did not report on the effects of ingesting chlorine, but if those are the effects from swimming in it, can you imagine the effects you will experience actually swallowing chlorine? That’s why it is imperative you never buy baby carrots ever again, including even the organic baby carrots, since chlorine is allowed in organic baby carrots, too.

Yes, It Truly Is Bad Out There! There’s A War Going On Against Your Health, So You Must Fight To Stay Healthy!

If you still feel your government would never harm you, then you should definitely keep reading this blog, because it’s time you wake up and start taking care of your own health, or they will gladly take care of your health for you, whether you like it or not. Powerfully healthy food is still out there and is waiting for you, if you know where to look!

Thousands are waking up every day and realizing the more someone else controls your health, the less control you have over your own body. Would you ever trust your life-savings to a poor Financial Adviser? Then why would you ever trust your life to a bunch of white coats that couldn’t even prevent a cold? You should ponder this.

Are Absolutely Are What You Eat!

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Help Someone Live Pain-Free!