Flour Can Cause Colon Cancer

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Your colon is the longest organ in your body, 24 to 26 feet long, and for a good reason – it must store a life-time of toxic waste! Everyone has experienced constipation or diarrhea before, but these symptoms are dismissed as annoying or embarrassing and then usually suppressed with drugs, because very few see that these symptoms are signs your colon is telling you there is a problem coming. Billions of people receive these signs throughout their life and dismiss them as mere annoyances and then swallow drugs to suppress these symptoms every time, which only exacerbates these symptoms more and more, until it becomes chronic.

But What Causes These Symptoms?

Sure, you can easily blame the regular consumption of pills/drugs for constipation or diarrhea, but there is another, even more common cause of these symptoms – flour!

Products made with flour are everywhere: bread, tortillas, cake, cookies, chips, donuts, biscuits, wafers, crackers, noodles, pasta, pancakes, pretzels, bagels, pies, fritters, wraps, etc..and even many drinks are made with flour.

What’s Wrong With Flour?

flour-can-cause-colon-cancerA lot! First, over 100 years ago was the last time anyone could ever call wheat and grains healthy enough to eat regularly, because the process to grow wheat and other grains at that time was still toxic chemical-free and no one used bleach or synthetic fortifications. But now, wheat and other grains are so filled with toxic chemicals that consuming them in flour form is almost the same as if you were to swallow cement! It solidifies inside your colon leaving what I call, “flour rocks”. These flour rocks continue to accumulate every day you eat flour products, until one day your colon can’t take it anymore, and you develop colon cancer! How could you not, right?

But Isn’t Colon Cancer Hereditary?

Only if you ate the same toxic flour as your parents did, then the only thing that’s hereditary would be your same eating habits. Despite the lie you hear throughout the entire cancer industry, there is no such thing as a colon cancer gene – if there was, then there must also be a gene that makes someone ignorant or maybe a gene that makes someone believe lies; of course there aren’t any genes like that, because everyone has freewill to decide what to put into their body and what not to put into their body. I’m supposed to believe that eating Twinkies every day and washing it down with soda, doesn’t cause diabetes, but my genes do? Ridiculous! Just like swallowing contaminated, nutritionally dead flour almost every day of my life doesn’t cause flour rock to accumulate inside my colon, but my genes cause that? Also ridiculous!

Physical traits and even mutations can of course be passed down through genes, but cancer and any disease for that matter, are not mutations nor physical traits, they are diseases, and diseases are developed over time, even start developing while inside a mother’s womb.

How Do I Remove Decades Of Flour Rocks Inside My Colon?

Glad you asked! The first thing I would do, only if you can do it of course, is stop eating any and all products made with any flour immediately. You can always find the alternative to bread and wraps, for example organic coconut wraps or bread made from only organic nuts. If you cannot do this all at once, then at least you should be able to replace your breakfast with the healthiest, cleanest, most cleansing food for your colon, which will gradually expel decades of these flour rocks from your colon, until they are all gone! Where do you find this very special food? You can find it only right here. 


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