Food Poisoning Killing Thousands More Every Year

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There’s more than 3 million cases of food poisoning reported every year and many of those cases end up in the emergency room. 

And even though thousands of men, women and children die from food poisoning every year, with thousands more dying from food poisoning, we still do not hear much about it in the news! Why mainstream media won’t cover these terrible cases of food poisoning all across the country remains to be seen, but the results are obvious – restaurants want you to keep eating out! 

Why No One Is Doing Anything To Stop Restaurants From Serving Contaminated Food?

Most likely because most all food is contaminated! Restaurants serve GMO meals, pesticide-raised meals, often with rotting meat, rotting chicken and rotting fish, too. But you don’t often notice any funny taste, because behind closed doors, far away from any customer’s view, kitchen staff are soaking tasteless GMO food, including rotten meat, rotten poultry and rotten fish, inside big containers filled with vinegar, spices and lots and lots of sugar, until you don’t taste anything funny anymore. 

You May Be Able To Trick Your Taste Buds, But You Can’t Trick Your Gut!

eating-yourself-to-deathRestaurants are so good at hiding and covering up funny tastes that they could probably take a piece of fecal matter and make it look and taste delicious!

This is the greatest risk when eating out – you can’t see what they do to your food! You assume of course that your meal is healthy enough to eat and that it won’t kill you, but the reason why there are over 3 million cases of food poisoning every year here is because that’s how many people assumed their meal was not going to poison them.

I Like To Take A Break From Preparing A Meal Once In A While, Too, But Why Must You Risk Your Life?

If I were you, the first thing I would do is eat out less. The second thing I would do if I were you is at the very least, stop eating at GMO restaurants! Not all food poisoning is felt quickly – sometimes you don’t feel anything for days, weeks, months, even years! The reason is because your gut is under distress for so long that you eventually get used to the constant bloating or chronic constipation.

Few People Can Pin Point Why They Feel Sick Weeks Later, Because They Eat Out Often Enough To Not Know Which Restaurant Poisoned Them!

But you know what? I say that whether you must be rushed to the E.R. after food poisoning or don’t feel anything for weeks, if your meal contained any ingredient that was contaminated with GMOs or raised with pesticides, then-you-were-poisoned! And there’s only one way to clean out the years, decades of eating and drinking GMOs – you must pesticide cleanse right now before it’s too late!  


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