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How Much Do You Know About GMOs?

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Every day somewhere in the media, pesticides and GMOs are blamed for wreaking havoc on plants, animals, insects and humans alike! From blindness in children to millions of dead bees…more painful symptoms continue to appear in minor news reports all across the country, and these reports have been steadily increasing for years. Yet most still know little to nothing about GMOs!

Why So Much Confusion About GMOs?

Because confusion is a powerful tool when used consistently! Even the most seemingly intelligent adults will eventually conclude that everything is a lie, so you can’t believe anything anymore. And Big Food is more than happy to hear that! Once their decades of food and health propaganda has thoroughly frustrated and confused you, they can then easily convince you to try the next hyped GMO product, simply by putting ‘all natural’ on a label, for example. And these days, you can easily tell it doesn’t take much for people to become frustrated, even over the most insignificant or petty things.

So What’s A GMO?

G.M.O. stands for genetically modified organism. This means that any plant, animal, insect or human that has had their DNA or RNA modified in any way, is then a GMO. But you don’t have to have your DNA or RNA modified directly in a laboratory to become a GMO, just by eating or drinking any GMO will already begin the process of modifying or reprogramming your DNA or RNA. This means that you are officially a GMO, whether you like it or not! So, unless you have been eating and drinking nothing but 100% Organic food and drinks every day of your life, then you can assume with certainty that you are in fact a walking, talking, G.M.O. – this takes “you are what you eat”, to another level, doesn’t it.

What Should I Look For When Shopping?

You will often see the NON GMO Project seal on packages that are supposed to instill confidence that there are absolutely no GMO ingredients, unfortunately this seal is a big fat lie, if not very misleading!

GMO ProjectBecause this NON GMO Project seal you are seeing more and more doesn’t mean that every ingredient wasn’t still sprayed with pesticides, herbicides and toxic fertilizers, all of which still modify the plants’ DNA or RNA. And no, it’s not better than any GMO! Pesticide contamination, whether through direct GMO or by simply spraying plants, damages your DNA and RNA just the same, thereby modifying you. This is just like if someone were to tell you that from the 3 poisons, there is 1 less! Does this make the food healthy now? 

There Is Only One Way To Avoid GMOs and/or Pesticides.

USDA Organic And NON GMOLook for both the USDA Organic seal & NON GMO. This is the only way to know for sure that you are buying the healthiest you can find in a store. And just so you know, according to the USDA Certified Organic regulations, up to 5% non-organic ingredients are still allowed in any food product and still use the USDA Organic seal.

Don’t assume you are eating 100% organic (100% pesticide-free), because health food stores don’t sell this level organic – it’s just too expensive to grow and too expensive to maintain for most Farmers, especially since it’s very expensive just keeping all the pesticides, herbicides, toxic fertilizers and of course all the GMOs, away from their land! But this level organic certification is most certainly a real certification that the USDA does grant very, very few Farmers here and this is what I feed my family every day! And it’s not expensive, because I buy so much of it for my friends and family regularly. The benefits of eating truly 100% Certified Organic every day, even just for your breakfast? One word -AMAZING!

Remember, if you’re not cleansing, you’re accumulating. 



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