Milk Does Not Do A Body Good

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How many times have you heard that slogan, “Got Milk?” or “Milk, It Does A Body Good.”? Probably thousands of times. But milk and all dairy for that matter, is actually quite unhealthy, especially all dairy sold at stores. It seems no matter how much big dairy contaminates, cooks and fortifies with fake nutrition all their milk, they still want us to believe milk is as healthy as it was 50 years ago, before hormones, antibiotics, steroids, glyphosate, refined sugar and many more toxic chemicals – they must think we are stupid.

Dairy Steals Calcium From Your Bones!

How is this possible you are wondering? Well, like with any fake or synthetic vitamin or mineral you ever swallow, your body literally rejects it by stealing that same nutrient from your body, which depletes that nutrient. That’s why people who take synthetic minerals for years most often develop osteoporosis. Isn’t it ironic that the very thing you expect to prevent disease actually causes it? Very sad. Yet most people still believe that something fake, something synthetic and of course contaminated, could still do your body good.  

How Does Milk Damage My Cardiovascular System? 

Milk or any dairy product you buy at the store is so full of mucus causing toxins that it would be absurd to assume any benefits. Why mucus? Because that’s what your body creates to defend against the onslaught of toxins you just drank. Mucus is your body’s way of encapsulating each toxic chemical that enters your body. The same thing happens in nature, i.e., when a grain of sand gets stuck inside a clam shell, the clam will automatically secrete mucus to encapsulate the foreign matter, right? The same thing happens inside your body, but at a much grander scale; unfortunately our body doesn’t create a valuable pearl, rather a very dangerous environment, especially for your heart and arteries. And let’s not forget how it raises your blood pressure and also causes all  sorts of digestive problems, including IBS, Crohn’s, chronic constipation, insomnia and so much more.

bad-milkIn fact, mucus when hardens, can literally stop your heart, cause microscopic fractures throughout your bones, damage tissue to the point of decay and of course cause cancer, especially in breast tissue. It is vital you stop buying and of course stop drinking or eating dairy, right now. If you do not, then you will absolutely develop all sorts of health problems, likely more than what was mentioned here, including depression.

What’s A Good Dairy Alternative?

Glad you asked! Organic, raw nuts. I have made cashew milk, almond milk and pecan milk right from my blender and then squeeze it through some cheese cloth; go ahead and add some organic, raw wild honey if you like. Please do not buy any nut milk, not even organic nut milk from the store, because it is all unhealthy, almost as unhealthy as dairy, so just make it yourself. I like to make a half gallon of it on Sunday, so my family and I have it during the week. 



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