Small Children Given Dangerous Psychotropics

More Than A Million Children Under The Age Of 6 Are On Psychiatric Drugs In America

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More and more children, under the age of 6, are currently taking psychiatric drugs. And doctors don’t care how harmful the side-effects are to so many of these beautiful young minds. They don’t care that drugging up a young child can cause serious brain-damage and even death. They don’t care that most of these young children will grow up on drugs, which will cause everything from little to no impulse control and violent behavior to brain tumors.

These children are truly getting the worst start in life and no one around them does anything about it! Their parents said yes to the drugging up of their own children, which means millions of parents have no idea what they are doing and no one does a thing about that, either; the doctors seem to be raising their children and not the parents!

You might assume that the majority of these children under the age of 6 are prescribed ADHD drugs, but you’d be incorrect in your assumption. The truth is, ADHD drugs only make up a small portion of all the psychiatric drugs prescribed young children today.

It’s all the antidepressants and even anti-psychotics being prescribed so many young children! Sure, the mental health organizations are noticing this very dangerous trend and sometimes comment on how dangerous this is, but they don’t do anything about it, either!

For example, Citizens Commission On Human Rights is drawing attention to this public concern, but nothing has changed, only more and more young children continue to be prescribed dangerous psychiatric drugs.

What Does This Mean?

little-girl-with-pillsThis means YOU must fight! You must protect your children! You must stop letting doctors and drug makers continue to kill our children with impunity! YOU and only YOU can stop them from killing our most precious resource – children! People fight for lower taxes, higher wages, more ‘sickcare’ and a slew of other things, so why not fight for children? They can’t defend themselves against greedy doctors or dangerously ignorant parents, but YOU can! Are you up for this fight? Let’s fight together with truth! Because truth can set you free and save millions of children here..


It’s really simple. First, you must understand that ALL chemical imbalances in the brain have a cause that is due to serious toxic waste buildup in the brain that absolutely damages the brain more and more over time, but you can clean out, starting right now! As the brain heals, you will see less and less mental disturbances. I’ve already seen hundreds of families achieve permanent mental health this way. Do not wait, because the longer you wait, the more brain-damage will occur.



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