Most Digestive Disorders Are Lies

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Everyone knows someone with a digestive disorder and it’s getting worse out there every day. Why? Because most people never learn from anyone in the medical industry just how simple it is to heal your gut! Instead millions are told that they will never cure their digestive disorder and instead must take fake probiotics or drugs for the rest of their life, both of which continue to damage your gut!

If ever you wanted to keep someone sick and dependent on drugs – just keep the lie going!

For example, around a million more people are diagnosed with some kind of digestive disorder, including IBS and Crohn’s, every year! Does their doctor ever tell them how to heal their whole gut? NOPE.

Instead everyone is sent home with drugs to take for the rest of their life! And if some of them manage to completely suppress their immune system, thereby decreasing their inflammation, which is your body’s powerful defense mechanism, then they assume they are in remission! But we both know remission is impossible with drugs, because the moment you stop or even if you continue, eventually the inflammation comes back and comes back like a tsunami for many, which means even more pain and suffering.

What Are The 6 Digestion Destroyers?

home-remedy-for-indigestion1. Dairy, including milk, cheese and yogurt. These dairy products are so contaminated, cooked until all traces of any nutrition is gone, if there ever was any to begin with, and then ‘fortified’ with fake GMO ‘nutrition’, so consuming this very toxic dairy you find on all store shelves these days, will literally damages your gut, damage your heart and of course damage your kidneys.  

2. Pills, including vitamin pills, mineral pills and supplement pills. What most people just don’t understand is that your gut is a very fragile ecosystem with its own way of functioning that is different than most other parts of your body. This means, any pills, tablets or capsules that you swallow, must pass through your gut first, but your gut is not supposed to process foreign matter and that’s exactly what all pills, tablets and capsules are – foreign! It doesn’t matter if the label for that bottle of pills says the ingredients were raised on Mt. Everest where the air is clean and the water is cleaner, those pills are not food anymore! Pills are not food…pills are not food! Your gut can only digest food and everything else it discards, usually into your colon, where all digestive disorders begin as you know.

3. GMOs are one of the worse gut destroyers around and most people, even those who claim to eat healthy, often cannot avoid GMOs, because GMOs are used in every restaurant, either directly or indirectly, from the oils and spices, all the way to the coffee, tea or alcohol you might order afterward. It’s not easy eating 100% GMO-Free, because you must ask the chef a lot of questions before you eat there and most don’t have the patience to answer you or will just tell you I don’t know. If the Server or Chef ever say “I think it’s organic” or “I think it’s 100% GMO-Free”, then run away. This is stuff you are putting into your body, not paint for your house.

4. Pesticides are also a big gut destroyer and is found in 100% of all food sold on store shelves, even the certified organic products, because most people do not know that the manufacturer only has to claim 95% of the ingredients are organic to use the USDA Organic seal, which means up to 5% of the ingredients can still be raised with pesticides and/or GMOs.

5. Soy is the most contaminated crop in all of North American, and for good reason! Soy crops are big business for both Monsanto and all the big growers here. Soy, even organic soy, are completely contaminated from now decades of spraying pesticides and now all the GMO soy that is grown here, because there is no more organic soil for soy left here that is truly 100% GMO-Free. What Monsanto has done to contaminate nearby organic farmland is to throw their GMO seeds onto the organic Farmer’s land and then later sue the Farmer for stealing their seeds, but most Farmers don’t have a billion dollar legal budget, so they fold and just sell their land – tricky, right? And one of the common side-effects from eating soy here is hypothyroid. 

6. Sugar is blamed for much of the digestive disorders, because the sugar most people use is not real sugar at all, but some artificial version of sugar. Is sweet & low sugar? Of course not! Just because it’s sweet doesn’t mean it’s sugar, does it? Stay away from any fake, refined or synthesized sugar and you will already be on your way to healing your gut. Try some organic, raw honey or even throw a stevia leaf into your herbal tea…it’s very good.

I know for most people stopping all these will be too difficult, so just start eliminating one of those, then two of those, then three of those, then four of those, etc…you can always find the healthier alternative out there if you look for it. As for how to clean out the years, decades of all that toxic accumulation? Really healthy cayenne pepper and really healthy cinnamon must be included – start cleansing daily right now and heal twice as fast!


Author: theHealthFoodGuru

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Help Someone Live Pain-Free!