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Here we are again talking about how to lose weight, but this time, I’m not going to talk about how to lose weight, instead I’m going to show you how to lose only pure, unhealthy fat, and we’ll let your scale take care of itself, OK?

What Is FAT?

There are two kinds of fat in your body, healthy fat that all of us need every day of our lives and then there’s the unhealthy fat that causes all sorts of diseases and symptoms, from cellulite, chronic fatigue and insomnia to high blood pressure, heart disease and lipedema. Most people who try to lose weight, actually end up losing their healthy fat and unfortunately also their muscle, which creates sagging skin, rebound and even organ damage. And this is what I’m going to explain how you can avoid.

What’s The Difference Between Unhealthy Fat And Healthy Fat? 

When you start counting those calories, counting fat, starting a hard exercise routine and maybe even start taking diet pills, of course the goal is to lose weight, but which weight are you going to lose – healthy weight or unhealthy weight? This is the most important question every trainer, dietitian and doctor must first be able to answer, before suggesting any diet plan. But they don’t! They all suggest the same rehashed diet programs over and over again with maybe slight variances.

what is fatWhen you count anything, you are actually limiting nutrition intake, because all the nutrition found in any food, is inside calories and inside the fat! But this is what most people do and they end up starving their muscles and burning vital fat reserves or healthy fat, which is what healthy fat reserves are for, but only when you are stuck in the middle of the desert with nothing to eat, not when you are trying to fit into your favorite clothes.

But this is the healthy weight most people lose and since muscle is heavier than fat, you stand on the scale and are happy to see you lost weight, but at what cost? Now you will most likely experience rebound, because obviously your body will try to gain back the muscle you starved and/or your skin will start losing its elasticity and show some sagging, especially if you lost a lot of weight unhealthfully.

How Do I Start Losing Only Unhealthy Fat?

saggy-skinGlad you asked! The World’s Only FAT Cleanse Meal Replacement is found right here at where you are guaranteed to lose only unhealthy fat! Yes, guaranteed! Just go see for yourself and start today, because there’s nothing worse than endless searching that wastes your time, wastes your money and damages your health further.



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Help Someone Live Pain-Free!