The Cause Of Acne

The Real Cause Of Acne

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Acne can happen at anytime throughout your life, especially during adolescence. Most people assume acne is a medical condition that must be treated with drugs, but acne is a symptom of the most overlooked cause – dirty blood!

How Did Your Blood Become Dirty You Wonder?

Your blood becomes dirty after you have eaten junk food, drank soda, energy drinks, smoked, took drugs or consumed anything that has ever been unhealthy. The toxic accumulation flowing through your blood stream leaves its mark on your skin. The dirtier your blood, the worse your acne. And taking drugs for acne just makes your blood dirtier. It’s quite logical actually.

That’s Why It Doesn’t Matter What You Put ON Your Skin!

While it would be great if you could just rub some lotion or cream on your skin and watch your acne vanish before your eyes, that will never happen, because nothing you put on your skin could ever clean dirty blood! That’s why all those infomercial acne products don’t work, because none ever clean your dirty blood. Remember, treating acne is a multi-billion dollar industry, just like treating a cold, treating a headache and treating pain…you think anyone who profits from those products ever wants to cure it? Absolutely not! No one becomes rich curing symptoms, but they do become rich ‘treating’ symptoms.

How Can I Clean My Blood?

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