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The medical establishment’s main product is drugs. Drugs are their main source of revenue and they bill insurance companies trillions of dollars every year for prescribing them, and it’s only increasing.

Why Drugs?

Because drugs do two things – exacerbate the disease and create addiction. Organized medicine is one of the most influential lobbies in the capital and they spend billions every year constantly lobbying to create laws that punish anyone who takes business away from them, but if they do fail to stop competition, for example marijuana, they quickly adapt by saturating the market with useless, synthetic and dangerous marijuana versions. You will see this happening more and more for all the marijuana products hitting the market as time goes on and I’m sure will create another epidemic of disease caused by this synthetic marijuana version.

They did this back in the 80s when everyone wanted more and more supplements; organized medicine couldn’t stop supplements back then, so they adapted by creating thousands of fake, synthetic and useless supplements that are now made from GMOs and could never prevent anything.

All Of This Fake Health Care Has Now Created The Sickest Generation That Is Full Of Chronic Illness & Pain!

Most of us are now addicted to drugs! From caffeine, nicotine and of course opioids, to cocaine and heroin. As addiction spreads, so does the devastating cost to families and ultimately our society. Thousands die every day from both legal and illegal drug use, but 10x more people die from drugs that are prescribed by a MD. This is the reality we live in and it’s a very nasty reality indeed. As long as they keep you sick and in pain, you will continue to need their product – drugs!

fill-bedsTheir Job Is To Fill Beds! That’s How They Pay Their Bills!

The entire medical industry is rigged to keep you sick and hopefully keep you chronically sick, so the profits keep coming. They try not to kill you too fast, because they need to keep you alive long enough to max out your insurance coverage and then your life-savings, so they can’t and won’t heal you, because healthy people don’t need drugs or surgery. Can you see how futile it is to rely on any sort of medical care? Doctors that earn a living by keeping you sick and addicting you to drugs for the rest of your life are some of the most despicable and vial humans ever to walk the earth. You deserve better! You deserve to know how to cure yourself!

How Can You Reverse Any Chronic Illness?

First, you must stop your chronic pain, because pain is the only way they keep you on their very dangerous drugs. Without pain, you wouldn’t feel the need to go to the Hospital, wouldn’t feel the need to see a doctor and of course wouldn’t feel the need to ever take drugs. Think about it, if you woke up feeling healthy and alert, your first thought wouldn’t be to grab some pain-pills, instead you would want to get up, prepare a healthy meal for yourself and go about your day.

You see, a healthy person who has no pain, has 100 goals, but someone suffering from chronic illness and pain only has one goal – to stop the pain! See what I’m saying? Pain makes them money and keeps you addicted, so it stands to reason, stop your pain and you’ll never think you need their drugs or them, ever again. And whether your pain is from cancer, diabetes, headaches, joint pain, MS, heart disease or any of the other thousands of diseases, pain is the most common reason why millions go see a doctor, right?

SO, if you can stop your pain, then you also stop your chronic illness.

How Do I Do That?

First, you must stop thinking of pain as a symptom of disease, rather instead think of pain as a result of injury! For example, if you broke your arm, would you take pain-pills instead of repairing your broken bone? Of course not! That would be absolutely insane! Obviously you would repair and start healing your broken bone immediately, before you do anything else! But when it comes to pain and then chronic pain, no one seems to treat their pain as an injury that should be repaired, rather suppressed with drugs. You see how important it is you change your thinking about pain first? All pain comes from injury – simple! Pain from cancer, pain from diabetes, pain from heart disease, pain from fybromyalgia, pain from lupus, pain from MS, pain from migraines, pain from arthritis, pain from obesity, pain from muscle ache and so on, all have the exact same cause – injury!  

When You Reverse Your Pain, You Reverse Chronic Illness!

What do I mean by this? If you are able to view pain as a result of injury, then obviously cancer, diabetes, heart disease, joint pain, etc…are the result of an injury, right? And just in case you are wondering, yes, your blood can be injured, too! Where you are injured is obviously where your pain starts, so healing or repairing your injury means your pain will go away, right? Wouldn’t the pain from a broken arm go away after it healed? The same goes for every injury anywhere in your body. No one speaks of illness as an injury or chronic illness as a serious injury, even though both have the exact same cause – injury!

What Caused My Injury Then?

Do you believe every cell in your body is like a sponge, absorbing everything you ever eat, drink, swallow or inject? If you answer yes, then you already know the answer – toxic accumulation! I know, I know…it can’t be that simple, right? You’re not the first person to think this and definitely won’t be the last, either. But aren’t all problems simple to fix, when you know the cause? Of course they are. Once you start cleaning out the toxic accumulation from your body, at a cellular level, then your health will only improve daily, while your pain decreases, because your injury is healing.

How Exactly Do I Start Repairing Or Healing My Injury, No Matter Where It Is?

The only way to heal or repair an internal injury, is at a cellular level. That means you can’t cut it out, you can’t staple it, you can’t radiate it, you can’t put a band aid on it or do anything else, because healing can only happen at a cellular level, where the injury started. And the only way to do this is by cleaning out the years, decades of toxic accumulation that has settled inside your cells. Sometimes these cells that are full of this very toxic accumulation have been injuring your heart, kidneys, liver, stomach, thyroid, muscles, joints, lymphatic system, your gut, your brain or anywhere else in your whole body, for a long time. Start right here. 

Remember, if you’re not cleansing, you’re accumulating. 



Author: theHealthFoodGuru

After 30 years helping thousands of seniors, adults, teenagers, children and babies, finally heal faster than any pill ever could, I decided to share with you health truth for stopping your pain & inflammation, once and for all! There is no reason you must depend on dangerous drugs for the rest of your life! I started for YOU, because there is way too much chronic pain & inflammation, and way too much health propaganda or fake health news.

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Help Someone Live Pain-Free!