Silicon Dioxide Makes Supplements Toxic

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Silicon Dioxide is used to prevent powder from clumping, even in organic food powders. Silicon Dioxide is so common that most people don’t even think twice when they see it listed in the “Other Ingredients” section on the label, even on organic labels. And even though Silicon Dioxide is synthesized in a laboratory and is linked to cancer, liver toxicity, fibromyalgia, lupus and even death, the whole supplement industry wants you to compare it to “silica”, that naturally occurring substance found everywhere in nature.

But Natural And Synthetic Are NOT The Same!

Since the 1980s, when the the drug-makers couldn’t stop the vitamin and supplement movement, no matter hard they tried, eventually decided to join’m! This started the beginning of the end of real, healthy supplements that could actually prevent disease. Now, store shelves all across the country are filled with fake, useless, drug-like, synthetic versions of real nutrition and millions here buy them every day!

How Could Millions Of Seemingly Intelligent People Still Think Synthetic Supplements Work?

Because everyone else around them also believes synthetic works. The fact of the matter is, when you are told from age 1 that natural and synthetic are the same, then when you grow up, you still believe it! And why wouldn’t you if everyone else around you believes it, too? And even more so if someone you respect also tells you the same thing, then that even further fortifies this lie as truth. 

But A Lie Is Still A Lie, No Matter How Many People Believe It!

Silicon_Dioxide_in_SupplementsIt’s been said that when a child hears the same lie 1,000 times, then it becomes truth to that child and will still believe it into adulthood. And we both know it’s a lot easier to believe a lie than it is to un-believe a lie. But I know what you’re thinking – I’ve been taking supplements for years and I feel fine. But that isn’t the measurement of health you should be using. I could swallow some rat poison and probably still feel “fine”, but there’s no way on earth that means what I did was healthy.

What’s The Best Measurement Of Health?

Besides using how you feel, what’s an even more important measurement for how healthy you actually are, is knowing the exact ingredients in everything you eat, drink and swallow every day. Since you can poison yourself, even every day for many years, and still feel “fine”, if that’s what you want to call allergies, aches, pains, headaches, etc…”fine”, then so be it, but using only how you feel as a measurement of health is not only deceiving, but downright dangerous! And it’s dangerous because your mind will tell you you feel fine, even suppress symptoms for a long time, all because you want to believe you are fine. But we both know this doesn’t last forever, because eventually disease always catches up to you.

Silicon Dioxide Is Not The Same As Silica, No Matter What You’ve Heard!

Natural and synthetic have never been the same and will never be the same. If you still don’t believe this, then why not eat your pen? If you still believe natural is the same as synthetic, then why not eat your pen? Or maybe eat your mouse pad, your shoe, your plastic fork, your plastic cup, that costume jewelry or maybe some straws? If natural is the same as synthetic and your body doesn’t know the difference, then eating or drinking anything synthetic must be the same as the real thing, right? Obviously wrong.

If you now find this ridiculous, then you can finally see how ridiculous it is to even assume Silicon Dioxide is the same as anything natural found in nature. And Silicon Dioxide is just one excipient – imagine the thousands more used in supplements. That’s why the best supplement isn’t a supplement at all, but real food with enough nutrition in it that you will never need a synthetic vitamin, mineral, supplement, probiotic or synthetic anything, ever again!


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