Opioid Addiction

How To Stop Opioid Addiction Holistically

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Over half the population here already take opioids and usage increases with age, because the pain increases with age. This has created an entire generation that is in serious pain every day, and children are increasingly taking opioids, too!

How Can You Stop Opioid Addiction Holistically?

First, you must start reading the insert thoroughly for each drug you take, because that will give you a dose of some reality, just in case you thought opioids or any drug for that matter, might not be that dangerous. Once you see that they are indeed dangerous, your mind will start moving you towards getting off ALL drugs.

Second, you must start cleaning out the years, probably decades of drugs in your system that have been accumulating for a long time. Most people do not realize that even after you stop taking the drug, a lot of that drug is still inside your system that can constantly cause the lingering effect of the addiction, so unless you want to endure every carving or urge until your body expels all the drug from your system, which could take years, you should definitely speed it up by cleaning out all those drugs yourself every single day.

Lastly, remain consistent every day until you have weaned yourself off completely. This won’t happen overnight of course and probably not even in a couple months, but if you are diligent enough and consistent enough, you could be absolutely 100% drug-free within a year!

How Do I Start Cleaning Out Decades Of Drugs?

There are a thousand cleanses online that promise to help you, but their ingredients are drugs, which defeats the purpose obviously. The only whole-body cleanse I would ever recommend you do is a very healthy daily cleanse you can do forever and is safe for all ages, even newborns. Start right here!





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Help Someone Live Pain-Free!