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The TRUTH About Calcium

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When you type “Calcium” in Google search, you receive 43,500,000 results! So, which of those hits can provide you the best calcium source? Even if you sat there for the rest of your life and was able to click on 1,000 links every single day, you would have to live more than 100 years to see all of them and then make your choice, but of course by that time another 43,500,000 more links would have been added.

Yes, it’s safe to say the truth about calcium is very well hidden. Some have compared finding real health truth online that will save your life, to literally finding a needle in a haystack the size of Alaska! How long would it take you to find it?

Is Calcium More Important Than Any Other Mineral?

Of course not! Let me be clear. Any nutrient which you become deficient in will create an imbalance in your body and various symptoms will develop. For example, if you lack real vitamin A, you may experience weak vision throughout your life, slower healing and so much more; if you lack real whole vitamin B, you may experience more inflammation, overall decreased nutrient absorption and so much more; if you lack real vitamin C, you may experience constant colds and allergies, because your immune system is always weak, of course unhealthy teeth and gums and so much more; if you lack real whole calcium, you may experience brittle bones, muscle weakness, muscle spasms, neurological disorders and of course so much more.

Calcium Does Not Work When You Lack ANY Other Nutrient!

Of course if you lack whole vitamin B and/or lack any of the other nutrients your body requires, then it wouldn’t matter if you swallowed 10,000 IUs of vitamin D and 10,000 mgs of calcium every day, because you wouldn’t absorb any of it! Most people just don’t get this and just end up wasting their time, money and of course end up depleting their already depleted calcium reserves further, thereby weakening their bones even more.

Can A Calcium Supplement Provide REAL Calcium?

Unfortunately no, because consuming calcium in any pill, capsule or tablet form, changes the calcium into something else that your body can’t use anyway. Millions of people here buy all sorts of synthetic, processed, cooked calcium products expecting to receive real calcium, but it’s not real at all, it’s fake! Synthetic is impossible to absorb into your cells, unless you are a robot. Are you a robot? Do you have synthetic organs and petroleum for blood? No? Then why on earth would you expect to ever be able to absorb any nutrient that isn’t actually naturally occurring in food?

Said another way, if someone removed any part of you, would it work the same? Of course not! Well, the same goes for your calcium! You can’t extract or synthesize any part of the food, because it becomes worthless without it remaining in tact! It’s all or nothing when it comes to food, and it’s absolutely all or nothing when it comes to your calcium, too. Plus, all calcium products sold in stores do not use real calcium at all, only the fake version of it.

fake calcium

The names of these worthless, fake calcium chemicals that are all too common on calcium product labels include: calcium carbonate, calciuchloride, tricalcium phosphate, citrate, carbonate and many more…this is what fake calcium looks like! White pills are not real, whole calcium.

Can Dairy Provide Me All The Calcium I Need?

Despite common milk commercials and dairy propaganda, dairy has little to no nutrition in it. Nowadays, milk sold in stores are way too cooked and contaminated to ever provide you even close to any detectable level of even soluble protein, let alone any minute trace of calcium. 

How Is The Best Way To Absorb 100% Of Whole Calcium?

Your calcium must be in food, actual food and of course only raw, 100% pesticide-free and 100% GMO-free food, which is very hard to find these days. There is only one source of real calcium I would ever feed my family, because I know it’s absolutely safe, absolutely healthy and everyone will absorb 100% of every vitamin, especially all the real calcium your body will ever need from very special and very rare broccoli that has 100x more absorbable calcium and vitamin D than milk. And you can find it only right here.

Remember, when you eat real calcium in real food, you can never eat too much! 





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