Is Your Toothpaste Toxic?

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Most every man, woman and child here uses toothpaste to brush their teeth every single day, but does anyone ever read the ingredients on the back of their toothpaste tube?

Here Are Some Of The Most Common Toxic Ingredients In Toothpaste!

1. Aspartame – A controversial artificial sweetener associated with a plethora of health problems, including but not limited to weakness and fatigue, abdominal cramps, weight gain and nausea.

2. Carrageenan – This particular ingredient is derived from red seaweed, or Irish moss, and is used to thicken and stabilize “natural” toothpastes. Repeated consumption of carrageenan has been linked to skin rashes and gastrointestinal problems.

3. Diethanolamine – A common ingredient in foaming products, diethanolamine (DEA) is at best a mild eye and skin irritant, and at worst a hormone disruptor that can potentially form carcinogenic nitrates. Exposing your skin to DEA has even been linked to heightened risk of kidney and liver cancer.

4. FD&C Blue #1 and #2 – The brilliant blue color of toothpaste can be attributed to these ingredients. Their benefits to toothpaste are purely cosmetic, however. Swallowing these dyes can irritate your respiratory and digestive systems. FD&C Blue #1 has been linked to learning and behavioral problems in children.

5. Fluoride – Once touted as a solution to building strong teeth, fluoride has since been exposed as a downright unsafe toothpaste ingredient with a shocking number of negative health effects. From disrupting your immune system, to decreasing adrenal and thyroid gland function, there’s almost nothing to be gained from fluoride. In addition, ingesting too much fluoride can result in fluoride toxicity, which includes such symptoms as vomiting, skin rashes and headaches.

6. Propylene glycol – This surfactant and wetting agent has a variety of uses outside of being a toothpaste ingredient, most famous of which is as a component of antifreeze. Not exactly a substance you want to put near your mouth, even if you don’t take into account its potential toxicity to the liver, kidneys and brain.

7. Sodium lauryl sulfate – This chemical is added as a detergent, a cleansing agent, and as a surfactant or foaming agent. Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) is supposed to get rid of plaque, when in reality it just worsens your oral health. Besides raising the chances of developing sensitive teeth, SLS has also been linked to increased frequency and longer outbreaks of canker sores, as well as irritating already-existing allergies.

8. Sorbitol – To prevent toothpaste from drying out and hardening, sorbitol is often added as a key ingredient. Unfortunately, sorbitol has a laxative effect and can lead to chronic diarrhea.

9. Triclosan – Just like fluoride, triclosan was originally included in toothpaste for its alleged health benefits, in this case as an antibacterial agent. Just like fluoride, however, triclosan has come under scrutiny for its role in endocrine disruption, thyroid gland interference, and even environmental degradation. Triclosan has been classified as a pesticide by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and is therefore a substance you should stay away from as much as possible. Are you brushing your teeth with this pesticide?

If I Were You I Would Go Check Your Toothpaste Ingredients Right Now!

Related imageThere are people who never get cavities or gingivitis and have never even used toothpaste, or a tooth brush. They wake up every morning and walk to the beach and after wetting their finger, put some sand on their finger and begin brushing all their teeth. You actually do not need toothpaste for anything. I suggest you buy some high quality sea salt or bentonite, mixed with just a little water to thicken it, and mix in a pinch of organic peppermint oil, and that’s it! Your teeth and gums will heal like never before and you’ll never need to buy toxic toothpaste ever again!

And if I were you, I would start cleaning out the years, decades of all these toxic poisons from your body right now before it’s too late and you lose your thyroid, need a kidney or liver transplant or worse. 


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