What Causes Breast Cancer?

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More and more women each year, and even men, are diagnosed with breast cancer. And after many years of charities receiving billions of dollars in donations and of course millions of more breast cancer diagnoses, it’s still only getting worse.


There are 2 main perspectives on what causes breast cancer, the medical perspective where everything is incurable and therefore must be genetic, and the holistic perspective where every disease man created, nature can reverse! But just because a label reads ‘all natural’, it doesn’t mean it came from nature at all, which if you read every ingredient inside that ‘all natural’ label, there’s nothing but pesticide-raised, synthetic and GMO ingredients.

Why am I talking about an ‘all natural’ label, when the topic of this article is “What Causes Breast Cancer?” – I’ll tell you why! Because every person who has ever been diagnosed with breast cancer, has eaten thousands of pounds of fake health food. No way that’s the cause you’re probably thinking right about now, right? How could eating health food be fake and no way it could cause breast cancer – such an absurd notion, right?

It would be an absurd notion, except for the fact that all ‘all natural’ products cause cancer, hence fake! Before you assume I am just full of it, step back for a second and look at the bigger picture. When you eat, drink and swallow something you thought was healthy and you eat, drink and swallow this every day for many years, even decades, but then it turns out the ingredients in all that ‘all natural’ stuff, is full of carcinogens – doesn’t seem absurd anymore, does it?

You Mean Consuming Carcinogens Every Day Of My Life Can Really Cause Cancer?

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Umm..ya! That’s why it’s on the label, so you can see it. If you know magnesium stearate, silica, natural flavors, citric acid and thousands more, all cause cancer, and then you consume it every day or almost every day, how in God’s name can you be surprised you got cancer? Would you drink rat poison and then act surprised you got sick? I mean come on now…

To avoid breast cancer or any cancer for that matter, you simply need to stop consuming any and all carcinogens. And early detection just means the oncologist can start billing your insurance about $280,000 in the first 9 months of treatments, which doesn’t include all the chemo and radiation. Cancer is big business ye know.

What Are Carcinogens?

Rather than list the 10,000 toxic chemicals/carcinogens found in 99.999% of all labels in store shelves all across the country, let me give you a simple rule of thumb – if it’s not a whole food and an actual food name, then it’s a carcinogen! For example, you will hear manufacturers claim citric acid comes from food and so does guar gum, but those are not a food, only a piece of the food, and synthesized at that!

It really doesn’t matter if the label claims the beta-carotene in that supplement you take comes from organic carrots grown inside a volcano on a deserted island thousands of miles away from man, because beta-carotene by itself is not food, plus it’s also a small piece of the food, and also synthesized, which means it’s fake anyway! And when you consume anything fake, especially for many years, you can absolutely develop cancer!

Eating anything from a fast-food restaurant where there is a warning of cancer-causing chemicals used – that can also cause cancer, just like the sign says. Cancer warnings are everywhere, yet most people ignore them and then when they develop cancer, they’re surprised! “Why me?”, they ask; obviously because you ate carcinogens every day for many years. No one develops cancer eating truly healthy every day, no one. 

If you ate plastic every day, do you think you’d get cancer? If you ate styrophome every day, do you think you’d get cancer? Last example, just because someone calls plastic vitamin C, ascorbic acid, it doesn’t mean it’s real vitamin C. I think you get my point. All of that is synthesized, so it’s fake, plain and simple; it’s fake chemically, it’s fake logically and it’s fake biologically.

Plastic has no nutrition, no matter how many milligrams you consume. You need to eat and drink real food every day, for every meal and for every snack; this would be the fastest way to prevent any cancer. And every ingredient you eat must be 100% pesticide-free, 100% GMO-Free and absolutely whole food or you will be consuming carcinogens every day. If you can’t stop eating, drinking or swallowing carcinogens all at once immediately, then at least change your breakfast – you have to start somewhere.



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