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What Does “Died Of Natural Causes” Really Mean?

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You hear much more these days people dying from ‘natural causes’. But what does it mean when the Coroner types “died of natural causes”? Most people assume this means the person died from old age, which would make sense, since dying from old age is absolutely natural. But that’s not how “died of natural causes” is used today. It seems Coroners are using “died of natural causes” on death certificates for anyone, young or old, who wasn’t murdered.  

That means if you died from a heart attack, from diabetes, from lupus, from cancer, from a stroke or from any other disease, then that means you “died of natural causes”.

But Is Disease Natural?

I guess that’s what the entire medical community would like you and I to believe. Since when did getting sick become natural? I realize disease is so common that on the surface one could assume everyone gets sick, hence it must be natural, but just because 99.99% of everyone gets sick and then dies, doesn’t mean illness is natural. In fact, every disease is absolutely not natural! Cancer is not natural, heart disease is not natural, diabetes is not natural, lupus is not natural, fibromyalgia is not natural, arthritis is not natural, brain tumors are not natural and I can go on and on..

Every Disease Has A Cause!

eating-yourself-to-deathIf you eat junk food or fast food every day, eventually you get sick – everyone knows this already!

So again I ask you, how can dying from disease be called ‘died of natural causes’? Another point that is dismissed by the medical community is the fact that thousands of men and women every year cure themselves! If disease is natural, then that would mean no one can ever cure themselves of anything! That must also mean there’s no need to ever eat and drink healthy, because well, you’ll still get sick and die anyway so what’s the point in preventing it – really? That’s preposterous!

This is just another way the medical industry tries to make illness seem natural or hereditary and therefore something everyone has no choice but to endure for the rest of their life. But of course they don’t want you to stop donating to your favorite charities, because that means they would lose billions of dollars to create new and even more dangerously toxic drugs to sell to you.

Speaking of disease, for example don’t you find it wicked that an Oncologist pushes chemo and radiation on a patient whom still feels basically o.k., then after killing him or her soon after their first round of chemo, then blames the cancer for their death? I definitely do find that to be very wicked! You can be your own doctor – and your free education can start right here, and right now!



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