Your Lunch Can Kill You Faster

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You are what you eat, right? If you actually believed that, then you wouldn’t eat junk food every day for your lunch. Let me tell you a very sobering fact about your health. Everything you have ever ate, drank, swallowed or injected, has created the exact health you have right now. Do you believe this or do you just blame your genes like most everyone else?

You Have A Choice!

You can take a few minutes every night before bed to prepare a healthy lunch for yourself the next day or you could spends $100s more every month just buying fast-food for your lunch. The choice is yours. If you’re thinking you can’t spare even a few extra minutes preparing a healthy lunch for yourself every night when you get home from work, then that must mean you have the time to become sick and miss work days, right? You can’t have it both ways. Either you take just a little time to prevent illness for years to come or you must take days, weeks, maybe months off work when you get sick – which is it? Which do you prefer? Which is cheaper? Which takes less time?

Eating Just One Healthy Meal Every Day May Add Decades To Your Life! 

Whether you eat a healthy breakfast or a healthy lunch, the more you are consistent eating and drinking healthy every day, the longer you live. Of course eating both a healthy breakfast and lunch and of course a healthy dinner, could very well secure you living past 100 years old!

Speaking of longevity, have you ever wondered what it takes to live past 100 years old? It’s not exercising harder than everyone else, it’s not being happier than everyone else, though this definitely helps and it’s not taking more vitamins than everyone else  – it’s what you eat and drink every day! This determines your health now and especially later. So, be careful what you eat and drink at work every day, because you can be 200% certain that your current state of health was determined by you years before. And if your health isn’t good right now, then you can change it by simply changing what you eat and drink every day, staring right now. 



Author: theHealthFoodGuru

After 30 years helping thousands of seniors, adults, teenagers, children and babies, finally heal faster than any pill ever could, I decided to share with you health truth for stopping your pain & inflammation, once and for all! There is no reason you must depend on dangerous drugs for the rest of your life! I started for YOU, because there is way too much chronic pain & inflammation, and way too much health propaganda or fake health news.

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Help Someone Live Pain-Free!